Joe the Plumber Revealed

I just came across Joe the Plumber.  I tried to get and answer from him, but he wouldn’t give me a straight answer.  He’s still undecided.

Obviously, no offense to plumbers.  This is the picture the candidates painted in my mind of the guy, if he really exists.

Lil’ Edgar (Poe Papercraft Project Complete)

Yesterday was my most prolific day, stat wise, in over a year. I had 260 views, which is very good for me. So, I thought I’d go to the well again once more time 🙂

Last night,my wife, daughter and I constructed the Edgar Allen Poe papercraft I mentioned yesterday. It was really fun to do, actually. I’m going to search the net for more papercraft goodness. Anyone who was thinking about giving this a try, I say go for it. It only took about twenty minutes to complete and the only materials you need are paper, some scissors, and some double sided tape or glue.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. Sorry for the glare. My camera is old.

I particularly like the first picture, though. I’m not sure what that smiling leaf is up to in the background, but I don’t trust him.

In this one, you can just barely see Odie’s tongue. Again, I fear for poor Edgar.