Joe the Plumber Revealed

I just came across Joe the Plumber.  I tried to get and answer from him, but he wouldn’t give me a straight answer.  He’s still undecided.

Obviously, no offense to plumbers.  This is the picture the candidates painted in my mind of the guy, if he really exists.


15 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Revealed

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  2. SET UP
    S-E-T U-P

    Isn’t it funny how Caribou Barbie says during her ahem “debate” with Biden that she was going to ‘talk directly to Americans”

    And then McCain looks into the camera and starts talking to ” Joe The Plummer ”


  3. I’m with ya Anita.

    Eagle – thanks for stopping by. I’m actually not Joe the Plumber. I’d like to have his salary, though. I know doctors that wouldn’t mind his salary.

    Anyhow, this was meant as a silly post. I thought the whole thing was silly, actually.

  4. He doesn’t make $250,000; he wants to start a business that could someday make $250,000.
    You know the American Dream, dreamt of by Americans? Some day, you might want to be
    “Joe The struggling writer……”.

  5. Eagle – if he doesn’t make $250,000 a year he won’t have to worry about his taxes. They will go down under Pres. Obama.

    Anyhow, the guy has McCain’s vote and that’s fine. I just didn’t need an entire debate dedicated to Joe.

  6. Joe got tax cuts to save money. Now that he has moved up another bracket he wants more tax cuts. We all have to pay taxes. So other people can have the same chance to make 250,000 a year. i will be happy to pay more taxes to make 250,000 a year. But it is the same ol saying the rich get richer and the middle class stay middle class.

  7. Spread the wealth to those who don’t work and are waiting for the welfare check and food stamps. Wake up people we will never get rich if you vote for Obama.
    Those are the same people that got a Mortgage break, but can’t afford it….beacuse they need more welfare money ( ACORN).

    Thanks Joe the Plummer for your question!!!

  8. mr smith – I agree, I think.

    Army Wife – ACORN? Please.

    Also, since when are people who make under 250,000 all “who don’t work and are waiting for the welfare check and food stamps”?

    McCain has all these promises but he isn’t going to raise anyone’s taxes (except to tax our benefits). How is he going to pay for this?

  9. Since when does socialism sound like a good idea. Obama does not care about anyone, poor, middle or rich class. He wants to create a society dependent on big government so that everyone can be watched and will have to obey his doctrine. It is communism in some countries. Please wake up and realize that an obama vote is an uneducated vote.

  10. Good god!

    The Con posts in this thread are so dusty and old! Did you guys just cut and paste your welfare and socialism remarks from 1980? Fast forward about 30 years for crying out loud!

    Stop with the hystrionics. People who earn less than a quarter million are not beggars and illegals. I would wager that everyone posting here is one of those bums! Stop with the rhetoric for once and think.

    Anyway, you’ll no doubt be bitching all the way to the bank, when President Obama lowers your taxes and improves YOUR life. But, you’ll hate him anyhow because you can’t see past your own talking points.


  11. I love how the McCain supporters are parroting this “distribution of wealth, distribution of wealth!” thing with a complete lack of understanding of what it really is. The same taxes are being levied, the only difference is that now it’s going to be a different group of people who have to pay. The rich have been getting getting off easy up ’til now, now it’s our turn.

    And if there’s any distribution of wealth that’s been going on, all we have to do is look at the subsidies paid out to all the big industries: gas, farming, manufacturing, etc. They make millions, even billions, in profits, and then the government gives them even more. Where’s your outrage about that distribution of wealth??? It’s about time that gravy train ended.

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