Exhaustion + Happiness = ?


The photo at the top of this post is from Wikimedia Commons and is said to have been taken in Quebec, although it’s a pretty good representation of the foliage in my neck of the woods right now.

Yeah, I had a busy, wonderful weekend.  Friday I finally finished draft one of the short story I’m working on.  It’s for a contest that has a deadline of this Friday.  Right now, it comes in at a whopping 2,100 words. So, I have to shave off 100 words.  Not a bad position to be in at all.  I’d rather have to take words away than add them.  Anyhow, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment already and I even like what I’ve written!

Saturday was wonderful. I had a hockey game at 7:45 AM. I felt sluggish most of the game but I played alright. I didn’t score any goals but my team won. A good way to start the day.

When I got home my wife started on her latest project: making a Care Bear Halloween costume for our daughter. She is making a sweatshirt, pants, and headpiece, and sewing it all by hand. Without a pattern to go by. It is so much work, but it already looks brilliant. She is amazing.

Anyhow, while my wife did that, my daughter and I took a walk downtown. We went to the local toy store, Pure Imagination (check our their classic toys), and a candle shop to buy peanut butter fudge. We also had some great conversation on such topics such as why the sidewalk was cracked and where is the kitty we saw last time we walked downtown.

Sunday, was even busier. We went to church. Then we walked 3 miles in the Crop Walk. My daughter fell asleep in the stroller when we were on the walk. Thank goodness we had the sense to bring the stroller. After that, we went home and my wife worked more on the costume. Then I went to my hockey game, which was rough because my legs jello before the game even started.

Anyhow, we squeezed so much stuff into the weekend, but I’m feeling exhausted right now. So I guess the answer to the question in the subject of the post would be Me. Exhaustion + Happiness = Me. That sounds about right.