My Hope For This Weekend


The above picture is a picture of Mulberry Street in Manhattan, circa 1900. The image is from the Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Division. Click on the link to see the picture in much higher resolution.

I’m not sure if I have a long post in me today. We’ll see.

My hope for this weekend is pretty simple. I hope I can make some progress on a story outline for NaNoWriMo. Yesterday, I came up with a pretty cool story idea. It’s so good, I’m not even sure I’m ready as a writer to do the story justice. I’m gonna try, though. I just need to do the work.

Tomorrow morning my sister and parents are visiting and we going on a short train ride. That should be a lot of fun. I’ll be sure to get pictures.

Yep, I don’t have a lot today. Maybe I’ll write more later. Have a nice weekend!

9 thoughts on “My Hope For This Weekend

  1. If you look at the photo really closely and way into the future, you can see me. I’m the one immigrating.

    What a great photo.

    Short posts are allowed, especially when you’re gearing up to write bazillions of words. Rock on.

  2. Hey, cool! i plan on nanoing this time too. However, I’m not quite sure if I can finish it this time. I do have an outline though. But I have done this several times before and never completed. Hopefully I’ll get through it this time! Good luck! and I will buddy you!

  3. mayiwrite – that is awesome. my Dad’s parents immigrated here in the early 1900’s from Greece. That really wasn’t that long ago.

    Thanks Vanilla. It’s been a great weekend so far.

    Gottawrite Girl – thanks!

    Ello – Good luck to you. I’ll buddy you too.

    Thanks Steph!

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