NaNoWriMo Five Days Away

Don’t freak out or anything, but NaNoWriMo starts Saturday. This week. Can you believe it? In less than a week, all our “free time” will disappear.

I was able to get a bit of my planning done this weekend. I’m not much of a planner when it comes to writing, so if you asked me to show you my “planning” you might be looking at a blank piece of paper. That doesn’t mean I didn’t make any progress, though. Planning for me is more like thinking or brainstorming. Let’s say my brain was stormy this weekend.

More beneficial to my writing, my head cold has finally started to clear, allowing me to be able to get some thinking done. I’ll be honest. I think I have about a 30% chance of actually writing 50,000 words in November. That’s when I’m healthy. Throw in any type of illness, and I’m looking at 10%. However, to quote Han Solo, “Never tell me the odds.”

So, before Friday take my advice. Do some thinking. Do some planning. And most importantly, take some Vitamin C.