Cool Photo Tool

Today is turning out to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS.  Icky. So this will be brief.

I came across a fascinating photo tool on Boing Boing that I thought I’d share.  It’s called Multicolr Search Lab and it provides a cool way to search Flicr Photographs.  What you do is you choose a color and the tool brings back pictures with that color.  Then you choose another color and the tool gives you photos with both colors.  And so on.  You really should try it out.  Very addictive.

On the writing front, I’ve been thinking up some pretty cool ideas for NaNoWriMo.  These are the ideas that pop into your head while you’re driving to work and you repeat them over and over again until you can get a pen and paper and write them down.  I love that.

Oh, what am I going to be for Halloween?  I’m glad you asked.  I’m going to be a zombie.  Very original I know.  Still, it’s better than what my daughter wanted me to be for Halloween.  She wanted me to be a Care Bear.  She even suggested I could be Grumpy Bear.  Although he is the manliest of the Care Bears, I still can’t bring myself to do it.


8 thoughts on “Cool Photo Tool

  1. Ha ha!!! Care bear! Come on grumpy bear, don’t be a spoilsport!! How about a zombie care bear? The Brains Bear?

    Ok I’ll stop. My kids always ask me what I’ll be for Halloween and I say Your mommy. Yeah, killjoy, that’s me!

  2. Saturday . . . I still can’t believe it. Glad you’re getting some ideas. Oh, come on . . . you mean that little girl doesn’t have you wrapped around her finger enough to dress up like a care bear? Just wait until she learns the fine art of manipulation . . . you’ll be Funshine Bear in no time. 🙂

  3. Ello – zombie Care Bear would be cool, but would probably scare the little one.

    Michelle – My daughter is going as Share Bear. If we were only going to a party together, I might do it. However, I’m dressing for work and would look “odd” without my daughter.

  4. Very good news about the NaNo ideas… I LOVE that feeling. Getting something great that you have to treat like a mantra till you can get in on paper. That is a great gift…

    I still love the Care Bears. And I’m freaking 31! So comforting, those stomach-beaming love machines.

    Take care!

  5. Yay for good NaNo ideas! I decided I’m not doing NaNo this year, which is a little disappointing to me, but other writing stuff has come up and it must be done first. Which is good, too. 😉

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