Day #2 – 3,024

Well, I missed the mark a little bit on day #2.  I only made it to 3,024 words when I should’ve been around 3,334.  Actually, I’m amazed I wrote as much last night as I did.  I was feeling very fatigued the entire time I was writing.  I think the time change is screwing with my body a bit.

Now for some details on what I’m actually writing about, since Michelle and Diane were so kind to ask.  In my mind, I’m writing a Young Adult Science Fiction novel. When I saw Science Fiction, I’m not talking hard science fiction, mostly because I just don’t have all that time to put into research a bunch of scientific details.  Plus, I don’t like reading all that stuff anyhow.  Maybe I’ll add a bit in the second draft, though.

What the story will have is humor, and time travel, and aliens.  It will also have a school bus time machine.  Most importantly, I hope the story will have an ending.

Well, that’s the update so far.  Please send me any extra energy you might have lying around.