Day #2 – 3,024

Well, I missed the mark a little bit on day #2.  I only made it to 3,024 words when I should’ve been around 3,334.  Actually, I’m amazed I wrote as much last night as I did.  I was feeling very fatigued the entire time I was writing.  I think the time change is screwing with my body a bit.

Now for some details on what I’m actually writing about, since Michelle and Diane were so kind to ask.  In my mind, I’m writing a Young Adult Science Fiction novel. When I saw Science Fiction, I’m not talking hard science fiction, mostly because I just don’t have all that time to put into research a bunch of scientific details.  Plus, I don’t like reading all that stuff anyhow.  Maybe I’ll add a bit in the second draft, though.

What the story will have is humor, and time travel, and aliens.  It will also have a school bus time machine.  Most importantly, I hope the story will have an ending.

Well, that’s the update so far.  Please send me any extra energy you might have lying around.


9 thoughts on “Day #2 – 3,024

  1. If you miss by a few words, no worry. One day you may miss by many, another day you will exceed by many. Above all, let it be what it is and just enjoy the process.

    The story sounds great! I love YA lit. And if you love the story and the characters, the ending will present itself!

  2. This is me, this is me, this is me and my energy . . . sorry, too much Laurie Berkner lately. Still, good energy coming your way!

    Thanks for the info. Sounds great! You can’t go wrong with humor, time travel, and aliens. 🙂 Forget the ending for now. That’s the fun part anyway, finding all that out. Keep some secrets to discover later, and that will entice you to keep writing. Go, go, go!!!

  3. Glad it is going so well for you. 🙂 That you like your idea, and that words are a flowing.

    Nope got no, nada, zero, energy to spare.

    I haven’t started yet, mind still on editing. I wonder if I can go back and forth and do both (edit rough draft, and work on another one)? I mean I know there are people who exist who can do such things; I am just wondering if perhaps I might be one of them. I did rent (for free from library) today some dvds which I am calling research. (some on France, some with kings, Queens, and castles.) I assume this will be an easier/quicker way to get my mind in the right frame.

  4. Thanks everyone. 🙂

    Steph and Michelle – I think having the ending is a good thing. I was kinda writing in circles last year without an ending. Having one is helping with that.

    Taffiny – that’s my kind of research!

  5. You’re doing well. Keep going. *grin*

    I like the sound of what you’re writing, by the way, and I especially liked the way you hoped it would have an ending. That made me smile. For your sake and for the stories sake, I hope there’s an ending too.

  6. Your story sounds really cool! Here’s some energy! Mind you, I need all I can get to get off page 5 of chapter 4! I hope you get loads done tomorrow, even though it is your election!

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