NaNoWriMo Down in Smoke

Well, I’m at 11, 700 words in NaNoWriMo, which sounds good until you realize I need to be at 16,667 by the end of today.  That ain’t gonna happen.

So, why am I go far behind in my writing?  Well, there was the election.  Then, I was feeling exhausted on Saturday.  Then, Sunday we visited my parents during the day and I had a hockey game at night.  I just didn’t have any writing time. Maybe I could catch up today.  Unfortunately, I’m running on only 3-4 hours sleep.

The big question is how I feel about this?  I guess I’m disappointed.  I started out pretty strong and really thought I had a chance at 50,000 words this year.  Still, I have written almost 12,000 words.  That’s pretty cool.

I’m not giving up.  Surely not.  However, I’m, not gonna beat myself up over this.  If I can get to 35,000 – 40,000 words this month I’ll be ecstatic.

On the plus side, I played Wii Fit for the first time yesterday, and my Wii age was 30, which is actually 1 year younger than my real age.  Yay me!