17,414 – This is Killing Me

Well, my word count is now 17,414.  I’m behind, but pretty proud of that number.  I wrote around 1,500 words yesterday.  Each time I sit down to write I wonder how I’ll ever be able to write more than 10 words.  Each time I surprise myself.  My biggest enemy in all of this, of course, is time.

My daughter has been doing typical cute daughtery things.  Her new favorite thing in the world, other than yelling “I can do it by myself!!!” is to cut paper with scissors.  She’s actually getting pretty good at it.  We obviously supervise her when she uses the scissors.  Also, she has yet to slice off a finger, and I can that a win for everybody.

Last night I was reading to my daughter from an old Garfield book of mine.  In one of the strips Garfield was peeking his head really low and doing a “Turtle Impression”.  My daughter thought that was hilarious.  We discussed the strip for several minutes, exploring such deep questions such as “Why is he doing that?” and “Where is his head?” and “Why can’t I duck my head into my belly?”.

Before she fell asleep, my daughter told me she wanted to cut out the comic.  So, when she was asleep I got a piece of paper and  traced the comic for her.  When I gave it to her this morning she smiled widely and said, “I love it”  like I had just given her a diamond ring.  Man, I love being a dad.


6 thoughts on “17,414 – This is Killing Me

  1. Soooo sweet! Read my latest post if you have time – lots of cute kiddiness over there!

    Great news about the writing total. So impressive – especially given all the other stuff you do…

  2. Way to go! with the writing and parenting. 🙂

    I’m down to my last two chapters on my read through (on paper) edit. Which leaves me working on NaNo not at all. But, I am almost ready to enter the brave new world, of sharing the story (for critique) with my mother and cousin. So I am behind, but still moving.

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