Fifty Inch Plasma

We traveled this weekend to my wife’s sister and her husband’s house. We had a nice time there but we’re tired now. Also, zero words written for Saturday.

My sister in law and her husband had one of those huge 50 inch wall mounted plasma televisions in their apartment. I know this is illegal in most states, but I think I’m in love with a television. Just sayin’.

My daughter was convinced the reason the T.V. was mounted on the wall was so she couldn’t touch it. She was O.K. with this by the way. She said it very matter-of-factly.

Did I mention it was a great T.V.? Maybe? Anyhow, we totally watched the crap out of the Veggie Tale Pirates movie. Good flick by the way.

Finally, my daughter wanted to use the camera and take pictures of everybody. She took the picture of me below. I actually think this one is pretty cool. Just so you know, though, light doesn’t always stream from behind my head. That was a special day.



9 thoughts on “Fifty Inch Plasma

  1. I have a friend who suffers with plasma size envy. No matter how big his latest model, he still wants the next size up. I always argue no matter big the screen, the film story is exactly the same. 😉

    And, hey, cool…Buddy Holly lives!

  2. The HD thing gets me. I”ll walk into a wholesale club, stand among the rows of HD TVs, all showing the same scenes at the same time. Outwardly I become catotonic, inside I’m filled with wonder. And I want, I long for, in a way I am not used to feeling for technological things. And I think, this, this is how my life should be.

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