NaNoWriMo – A Bit of a Surge to 36,000


The above is a little graph of my writing progress. The top line is the 50,000 line. The pink line shows where I’m currently at.

I had a pretty good day of writing yesterday. A pretty great day of writing yesterday, at least word count wise. Yesterday I was somehow able to write 2,282 words. That gives me a little over 36,000 for the month. At the current pace I will wind up with 46,000 words for the month. This thing is starting to feel possible. Fingers crossed.

I’m not sure about the quality of writing thus far. I know that isn’t the point, but bear with me here. I think I have an interesting story on my hands, but this is as pretty rough first draft.

For one thing, I don’t have all the little details. I’m lacking town names, and building names, and stuff like that. Not really a big deal, but stuff that will need to be added later. For the most part, when I hit a place where I need a name or something like that, if I can’t think of a good one off the top of my head, I put in something as a placeholder and then move on.

How do you all handle things like proper names in your writing?