45,634 and One Day to Go

Well, I was able to write around 3,000 words today. That gives me 45,634 written for the month. Tomorrow is the last day of the month, so I have to somehow write 4,366 words. I’m soooo close now.

In non-writing news, we had a nice day together, my family and I. We went to a tree farm and picked out an bought home a nice tree. The one we picked is called a Concolor Fir and smells like oranges (seriously). This will be my daughter’s first experience with a “real” Christmas tree, so that is exciting.

Well, I am exhausted and going to bed. Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Coherent? Nah.

This will be quick.

We’re home from travel. Yay. Got home at 10:00 PM Friday night.

Wrote 1,200 words on Thanksgiving. Boo. That put me really really off track. I just couldn’t keep going, though. At one point I fell asleep writing and when I woke up I could not force my brain to write.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Chuck E. Cheese was fun but chaotic. Will have to do it again sometime. Though not sometime soon.

Just finished my writing for the night. I wound up writing 1,700 words and am done at 1:19 AM. That gives me 42,577 words written for the month. I only have two days left and will have to write nearly 4,000 words each day. Eek!

More later, once I find my brain.