I always hate thinking up catchy titles to blog posts, don’t you? This one is based on how I pronounce the abbreviation for miscellaneous (misc.) when I read it in my head. I’m weird.

Just some random thoughts for today. These are things I’ve been thinking about lately, but not enough to write a whole post about 🙂

This whole financial situation is such a mess. It hasn’t really affected me personally, in any way I can feel, but I can see its effects everywhere. I’ve been reading an in depth article on the whole thing in the New Yorker, and it is some scary stuff.

One of the things I’ve been hearing lately is “Too big to fail”. All these companies and banks we’re bailing out were “Too big to fail”. The whole idea just makes me mad. There used to be regulations and safeguards in place to make sure companies didn’t get “Too big to fail”. Well, not anymore. No wonder why the economy is screwed.

I’ve also been thinking about the whole Black Friday incident at that Wal Mart, where the poor guy got trampled to death, all so some people could buy a DVD player for $50 instead of $150 or whatever those people were in line for. Was it really worth a human life?

I would like to think we’re better than that as a society. However, I’m not so sure. There is just something about us, that longs for the deal and the acquisition of more stuff. You think that was an isolated event? How about going to some crowded area, and put up a sign that says “$50 to the first three people”. Now, tape the $50 to your body. Do you think you’d make it out of there unscathed? How about the people that got the $50 from you? All for a measly $50.

I know the majority of people are good people. Especially all of you, my dear readers. Still, sometimes I wonder about all of us. You know what I mean?


7 thoughts on “Misk

  1. I truly hate coming up with titles for my post, but I feel I cannot hit publish unless I have *something* up there.

    I always pronounce misc. in my head as “miss.”

    And yes, I feel exactly how you feel regarding humanity around Christmas time. Ugh, the irony.

  2. Christmas time is such a crazy thing. So much chaos and greed on what is supposed to be such a calm, non-greedy time with family.

    A guy I went to high school with (but barely knew) just killed himself on Saturday. I wonder how much of it was based on holiday depression caused from all of the silly things we pressure ourselves into doing over the holidays.

  3. I wonder about this too, Struggling Writer. So much of what is presented to us nowadays as “essential” is actually completely inessential. I get sad sometimes when people say to me: “It’s OK for you, you can afford to stay at home and look after your child, but I have a mortgage.” Like mortgages became this evil beast that have enslaved people. I find it so greedy that banks slap so much interest on them that in the end you are paying double the loan. What is the world coming to! Anyway, even though we can’t actually “afford” that much at all, sometimes I am really thankful that we can’t afford a house because we didn’t get enslaved by the mortgage beast. Kiko’s Daddy felt miserable a while ago because he wanted a big telly but we couldn’t afford one, but now I think he has come round to see it wasn’t necessary and, in fact, there’s a load of rubbish on TV (in Australia, anyway!) and it’s a waste of time!

  4. Rob hit on it — mob mentality is exactly it. Wasn’t it Twain who said that he loved humans, but hated humanity? It was something along those lines…

  5. I’ve been having trouble remembering there are more good people myself. I’ve been thinking about a blog called Pigs at the Carwash.

    The Walmart story broke my heart. I’d say those people should feel ashamed, but they won’t. After owning a carwash nearly two years, I’ve realized shame is an extinct emotion.

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