Today started out good, with the alarm going off as it is supposed to. Since that moment, the day has rapidly descended towards meh status. There are reasons for this, but I don’t wanna share. Sorry.

I got a little bit of good news yesterday in the “no news is good news” category. I was worried I didn’t win a writing contest I entered in October, but had not yet heard if they had picked the winners yet. So, I emailed the editor yesterday and said they picked two winners but had not picked the winner in my category yet. So, I still have a chance. Fingers crossed.

So anyway. Meh.


6 thoughts on “Meh

  1. It sucks to have a meh day.

    But, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of Chicago with Bebe Neuwerth — the song All That Jazz really peps me up. (So does Cell Block Tango).

    (does a soft shoe tap and ends with jazz hands)

  2. Hey I’m crossing my fingers for you!!!!!!

    But I have to say I’d rather have a meh day instead of the horribly bad painful ones I’ve had recently. But I am starting to finally feel better!

  3. What contest is Meh? Now I’m very curious… I’m still waiting on Spoonfuls of Stories by Cheerios, too. January. Wow. Wouldn’t it be cool to win something like this? We must keep hope alive!

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