Just a Friday

Feeling a bit better today. I still haven’t hear about the writing contest. Hopefully today.

Did you read Neil Gaiman’s blog today? There was a bit there about how he wrote a short story and worried about what his parents would feel about it:

When I woke, there was an email from the editor in London saying she’d accepted it. I was thrilled and then I panicked — what if my parents thought it was libellous? I sent it to my Dad, and got a message back saying he thought it was funny.

I just thought it was interesting that even somebody of Neil’s stature has these thoughts. I wrote story a bit ago that used something my Dad says in a funny way. Before submitting it, I made sure I told him about it and that he was okay with it. He was, of course.

So, how about a poll.


6 thoughts on “Just a Friday

  1. So funny you wrote this today.
    I had a bit of a rant recently about the website I had just designed for someone who was expecting me to cut the price yet do 5 x the work we originally agreed. I got quite heated and wrote a very strong post, thinking she would never see it – then I stupidly mentioned my blog to her and afterwards had a panic attack when I thought she might read what I had written about her (even though no names were mentioned!)
    I logged in straight away and toned it all down (actually I deleted what I had written about her even though it was all true and I was still cross with her!)
    I’m just hoping now she doesn’ t read your blog!! Maybe I should delete/tone down this comment…..where does it all end?!

  2. I DO worry about this! I don’t want to take advantage of relationships, even as they influence my writing. I actually asked author Susan Shreve about this very thing… she said you’ve got to know in your gut you’ve done what’s right. And attended to each situation as responsibly as possible…

    Of course, yaye for your accepting dad!!!!!

  3. I’m the only person so far who voted: “No – Art is Art!” although I don’t think I’d put it *quite* that way (not exactly being a tortured artist or anything!) I just need to write what *needs* to be written. My latest ms probably will offend some people but what I have to say needs to be said. A family member read my blog and said: “You shouldn’t have said that,” about one particular post, but I said: “No, I’m not going to censor it,” because it wasn’t that bad! Saying that, I have deleted one blog post because it received a negative comment that I was pretty sure came from someone I knew who wasn’t very nice and I didn’t want to give her further ammunition. If I write about those people now, I say it in a very generalised way.

  4. I voted No, too. I mean, I would never write anything with the intent of hurting someone close to me, and I like to think that they know that. Or maybe it’s that most of my relationships (familial and otherwise) are built on a rock-solid foundation of mocking and insults.

  5. Yeah, it was nice to see even he gets a bit neurotic when his stories go close to home. My mother – not a genre fan – usually doesn’t understand my stuff, possibly for the best. Although I may write a crime story one day so that she has something of mine she can actually follow.

  6. I worry only because I am writing my grandmother’s book and SHE was worried about offending people. I wouldn’t worry since most of these folks in the story are long ago dead and buried, but she always worried about what their children and grandchildren would think. I try to honor her concern as I write, but I honestly do not think folks would feel that awful about what old grandpa whatchamacallit said or did in 1903.

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