Keepin’ The Economy Going

Well, it feels like I’m doing my part to keep our economy rolling.  This past Saturday we went to the mattress store and bought our daughter her first “big girl” mattress.  Pretty soon, no more crib for her!

My daughter had a great time testing all the mattresses, making sure they were “squishy” enough for her.  I think she was really proud to get her new bed.  Now we just have to buy the bedding, and a rail, etc. etc.  *sigh*

We had a good weekend. The festival of trees was really fun.  My daughter and her friend had a fun time running around the place like crazy people and dancing to the live music.  They even paused and looked at the trees a few times.  Santa Claus made an appearance and he told my daughter to be good.  I hope she listens.

It is crazy cold here.  16 degrees fahrenheit this morning.  Only slightly warmer inside my house I think.

Still haven’t heard from the writing contest.  If I don’t hear by the end of the week I’m going to assume I didn’t win and post my story here.  Consider it an early Christmas gift.  I think you will enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Keepin’ The Economy Going

  1. I’m liking the snow!
    Children are expensive. I once read how much the average child costs to keep until they are 18. Can’t remember the exact figure but it was horrendous. Just as well we don’t know these things before we have children! Having said that, the joy they give us makes them worth every penny!

  2. Diane – you’re right of course. Still, remind me of that at 3:00 AM when the little lady doesn’t want to sleep!

    I like the snow too! You can add it to your blog too with a setting in wordpress.

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