I Hate Sniffles

I can feel a headcold coming on.  I hate this stage, when you can feel sickness coming on but there is nothing you can do about it.  I swear this happens before the holidays every year.  Argh.  It could be worse, I suppose.

I haven’t done much writing the past week or so.  I’m still recovering from NaNoWriMo.  I’d like to finish up the first draft of that story, though, so I can take advantage of the free printed manuscript from http://www.createspace.com for NaNoWriMo winners.  It will be nice to have a printed copy of my story, flaws and all.

It’s been cold here lately.  Sixteen degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning when I left for work.  Today it was thirty degrees and if felt like spring.  That’s not right!

For one of my wife’s big gifts this year, I’m making something.  I think it’s gonna be pretty cool and I’ll share it with you after Christmas (just in case she reads this).   It feels good to have a thoughtful gift for her this year.

We have been attempting potty training for the daughter.  Sunday she went all day without any incidents. Yesterday was the exact opposite.  At least it feels possible now.

Still haven’t heard about the results of the writing contest.  Hope is lost.  Oh well.


8 thoughts on “I Hate Sniffles

  1. sorry about the cold dude! Try to take vitamin c and head it off as much as possible. Hey it is snowing on your blog! How cool is that? Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest!


  2. Zinc is also good for fending off a cold at this stage, although I find it more *subdues* it and once you stop taking the zinc, it flares up again!

    Kiko has been the same with potty training. He has an accident-free day or even days and I think: “We’ve cracked it!” then everything falls apart again. Gradually, though, the trend appears to be upwards. I had no idea how hard the toilet training thing would be. We’re now 10 months and counting and he’s still not trained.

    Hey, how do you get it to snow on your blog?!?!

  3. Dude, potty training sucks. It really does. I think that’s a nasty little secret that all parents keep hidden away.

    I’m still working with the youngest one and it bites it. I can’t wait until it’s all over.

    Oh, right. Good luck with that.

  4. It sounds just like puppy training – good days and bad days!

    Sorry you are getting a cold. At least you didn’t call it ‘flu’ – I’ve heard all about Manflu!

    I like the snow too. It looks like it is snowing inside the Tate Museum over at my blog!

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