You Gotta Live Somewhere

So, yesterday we went to look at a house.  We’re not really looking to move anytime soon,  but we’re keeping our options open.  This house met all our criteria: ie warmer, central air, three bedrooms, and more than the two measely closets we have currently.  On top of that, it was a cute Cape Cod and seemingly in our price range.  It was worth a look.

The house was pretty nice.  Almost really nice.  The one deal breaker for us, though, was there were two bedrooms on the top floor and one on the ground floor.  We really need three bedrooms on the same level.  One for us, one for our daughter, and one for the little boy on the way.  Ah well.

There is one thing about the house, though, that makes me want to keep it in the running.  On the first floor there is an office.  The office has a built in bookcase.  That’s great by itself.  It gets better.  The bookcase, if you push on one of the sides, rotates just like in the movies.  It doesn’t lead to a secret room, which is my dream.  It does lead to a bit of additional storage.  My dream is to live in a house with a secret room.

Anyway, we’ll most likely pass on the house and stay where we are for a while.  Our current house is big enough for now.  We’re happy there.  Still, that bookcase keeps calling me…


11 thoughts on “You Gotta Live Somewhere

  1. The bookcase is a nice touch. We had that same deal breaker when we were looking. The kids had to sleep on the same floor or above us. Most houses with a bedroom on the main floor and others above have the master bedroom on the top. We had a few neat ones we had to pass on, too. None with a secret room, though.

  2. I’ve wanted a revolving bookcase for a long as I can remember. I’d be very tempted to turn that storage space into a fort. Just need some pillows, a lamp, some comic books, and candy.

  3. We have a media room in our house with a built in DVD case. If you push on it, it is a door that leads to guess what?
    A secret room.
    We worked on that thing for a couple of years and just finished it out a couple of months ago.

  4. Just wanted to say congrats on finishing NaNoWriMo last month! I didn’t finish the word count, but I’m fine with that and I’m going back to revise starting in January.

    They really make revolving bookcases in houses??? And secret rooms? Wow. Yeah, I couldn’t be on a separate from from either of my kids either.

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