I’m Not Springstein

Thanks everyone for the comments on my short story. I’m glad you all enjoyed it.

Saturday we did the annual Victorian homes tour in our town. It was a lot of fun, as always. When we were getting in the car to drive back to my house, my future brother-in-law and I were talking and he mentioned how it was cool to see some of the historical destinations of the town. I agreed and mentioned all the Pennsylvania governors that have lived in the town. Then my daughter jumped in the conversation.

“No Daddy. I’m the Govna’,” she said, proudly. “And you’re the boss.”

That had us both in tears. You see, I can be a bit of a silly Daddy. Lately, I’ve been talking in a British accent with my daughter and saying stuff like, “‘ello Govna’!” She usually laughs and says, “I’m not the Govna'”. It was just so funny to me she pulled that one out when she did.

As far as the boss talk goes, that comes from our many talks about “please use the potty” or “please stop screaming” followed by “Why?” followed by me saying, “Because I’m the boss.” For the record, I’m not the boss in my house. That honor goes to my wife 🙂

We also did the whole visit Santa at the Mall thing yesterday. That was an experience. At first the line was huge. We stood at the back for a while and when it failed to move we got out of line and finished our shopping. When we returned there were only five or so kids in the line. I thought it would be quick. The problem was they kept waiting for the kids to smile. They would spend like fifteen minutes on each kid. I wanted to scream, “Either or get off the pot kid.” I mean, seriously, if the kid doesn’t smile in the first five minutes, he’s probably not going to smile.

As we were standing there waiting, my daughter looked up at me and said, “Daddy, we’re almost to the North Pole.” It was adorable. Still, if my wife wasn’t so strong and patient I would not have been able to wait it out. Once we got to Santa, my daughter smiled, got her picture, told him the toy she wanted, and we were out of there. Whew.

So yeah, it was a pretty good weekend, all things considered. How about you?

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Springstein

  1. Well, govna, your daughter sounds adorable!

    I remember being really scared of going to see Santa, not sure why as I didn’t mind the thought of him coming into the house to leave me presents…. 🙂

  2. I can’t tell you how many pictures we have of Santa from the 60s where Santa looks:

    1. drunk or

    2. stoned.

    And in all of the pictures my sisters and brother look

    1. terrified or

    2. all of them have tears running down their faces.

    Oh Santa of yesteryear, where have you gone?

  3. Hi Paul, I’m just catching up, practically with everything and everyone blogging.
    Here in Hungary we do not ever put up the Christmas tree before it is actually Christmas, that is the 24 December. Never, ever.
    Santas are now everywhere, though. In shopping centers, public places…
    We had our neighbour dressed up as one on 6 December. He visited our two kids in our house 🙂
    My husband, in return, dressed up as Santa, too and visited his kids 🙂
    Santa visits kids on 6 Dec.
    But it is not Santa who gives/brings presents on Christmas in Hungary. depending on the family, it is either the angels or the baby Jesus. I think I’ve already mentioned that – sorry for being redundant.
    It’s so nice to look forward to the Holidays.!!!

  4. Last year we had a bizarre experience with a Glaswegian Santa on a train, and this year I just don’t feel inclined to take Kiko to see him! It was just so surreal last year…. However, it does seem that whenever we pass the Santa in various shopping centres, he is free and he sees Kikzy and practically jumps out of his seat and starts waving and beckoning us in. It’s as if he’s saying: “A child! At last! Give me something to do!”

    Isn’t it funny how the little darlings get to follow a conversation and they’re absorbing every word and you don’t realise?! Then at some stage later everything is repeated!

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