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Yeah, I had no idea what to write as they subject of this post. Sorry about that. It’s difficult to be witty sometimes.

I’m looking forward to Christmas next week. I’m especially excited to have my daughter open her big gift this year. She has been anticipating it for a long time now, so I think she will be happy. I’m also excited for my wife to open her gift, the one that was my secret project. I just hope it gets delivered to the house in time.

So many thoughts today. Economy still stinks. Will anything be left standing?

Bush had some shoes thrown at him. That amuses and saddens me at the same time.

I just stumbled on a very cool rendition of the classic poem “Casey at the Bat” rendered with baseball cards. Even if you don’t like baseball cards or sports in general, I implore you to check it out. It is so very cool and the guy did a great job with it.



6 thoughts on “Type Subject Here

  1. The shoe-throwing made me laugh, I admit. I know there are serious things about this, but, hell, who hasn’t wanted to throw something at the guy…? Spit-wads, at least…. 🙂

  2. Ooh, what is your daughter’s big gift? (Helen was really nosy!)

    I felt really sad when I heard about the guy who had thrown the shoes at George Bush. I could sympathise with him and wished there was some way to make everything right without it turning into a 3-minute YouTube clip. I must say, George Bush’s dodging reflexes surprised me. I didn’t expect him to be quite so, erm, on the ball.

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