I had a pretty solid weekend this past weekend. I am thankful for that. I needed that. Now onto the stories.

Saturday morning we needed to send a gift to our friends. Unfortunately, the Post Office closed at noon. At 11:40 or so my wife finished up wrapping and packaging the gifts and I rushed out the door to go to the post office. In my head I gave myself about a ten percent chance of actually getting there on time. I only live about five minutes from the post office, but it had snowed the night before and I knew there would be very little parking available.

That’s what happened. I wound up parking a few blocks from the Post Office and sprinting my way there, hoping to arrive in time. I got there about five minutes before noon, and there was a line of fifteen or so people, waiting until the last minute just like myself. I called my wife for further instructions, and she told me to wait it out, even if it would take a while. I’m glad I did.

There was something comforting standing in that line in the Post Office (which is a grand old building, built in the 1930s I believe), the weekend before Christmas with my neighbors. I didn’t know anybody in line, but some knew each other and it was interesting listening to their conversations. One lady in front of me was writing her Christmas cards while standing in line. When the line moved away from the little table she started to try to write without the table but I told her I would let her back in line and she could just write at the table (here’s me patting myself on the back).

In all, I was only in line for about fifteen minutes. At noon, they locked the doors and didn’t let anybody in. They did, however, let all of us who were in line do our Post Office errands. I thought that was nice of them.

Saturday night we did the train line. At the top of this post is a photograph of the train we rode in. We had a great time. The train was heated, and they even provided blankets. The best part for my daughter, however, was the arrival on the train of Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and a Gingerbread Man.

My daughter told me she like seeing Santa the best. I noticed the Gingerbread Man tried the hardest of the characters to entertain us. I think that’s because of those mentioned, it would definitely be hardest for the Gingerbread Man to be memorable. It’s difficult to compete with a guy who brings toys, a Reindeer that saved Christmas, and a talking Snowman, after all.

Sunday I installed a ceiling fan in my daughter’s bedroom. That, I believe, completes all the projects we have for that. It’s a very pink and yellow room now. I’ll have to share some pictures sometime.