I Published A Book, Kinda


I’m officially a published author. Kinda. I did write a book and it was published and sold. Of course, it was sold to me. Still…

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally tell you about my secret gift I made my wife for Christmas. I wrote her a book on software called Blurb Booksmart and had it printed at blurb.com. The above photo is the cover of the book I created.

The book was about 22 pages long, and alternated full pages of a photograph with text on the opposite site. The book starts with “There once was a Mommy, who married a Maddy, and Along came a bundle of joy.”

Here are some screen grabs of the book. The nice thing about creating the book is you can preview it online.




There’s much more to the book, but I thought I’d just post this as a bit of a sample. I was pretty proud of the results, to tell you the truth. I usually don’t get very creative with Christmas gifts, but I was happy I did this time.

Maybe some day I’ll even be published for real. Nah.


14 thoughts on “I Published A Book, Kinda

  1. That’s so lovely! I bet your wife was so happy and surprised when she opened it. This year, Kikzy’s Daddy gave me a lovely present, one I completely didn’t expect (I expected nothing, heh!) and I burst into tears I was so happy!!!! I wonder if your wife did the same, hmmmm, or maybe I am just a big wimp! The photos are absolutely lovely, and it is a great way to preserve them. It still hasn’t sunk in to me that we have lost most of Kikzy’s baby photos because of my hard disc being destroyed…

  2. What a wonderful gift! You are so thoughtful.

    Weirdly I have just downloaded the same software so I can publish my friends’ emails which they sent me from their travels, as a book for their birthday gift.
    Co-incidence, and I’m really pleased that yours turned out well. I will definitely do it now.

  3. Ah, I should have known, you have a pretty wife to go along with your pretty daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good job creating such a wonderful gift for them.

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