We Did a Lot of Stuff


It was a pretty good, although busy weekend.  I guess that’s better than a bad, boring weekend.  Anyway, here’s some of what we did.

Friday night we went to dinner with my parents and then we went and purchased a new digital camera.  Nothing fancy.  Just a Kodak EasyShare one with some cool features like panoramic pictures and a shutter faster than a snail.  The panaroma feature is pretty cool.  I’ll probably experiment with that and post results here at some point.  Also, the above picture was taken with the new camera by my wife at my hockey game.

Saturday I played hockey.  We were in the midst of a snowstorm but we went to the game anyhow.  It was fun, but exhausting.  We only had seven skaters.  It was rough.

We wound up with five inches total of snow on Saturday.  We made a snowman.  I wanted to make a huge snowman to compete with the one my neighbors made a few weeks ago, but the snow was too light and fluffy and didn’t pack too well.  We did our best, though.

We went to a few open houses on Sunday.  It’s always nice walking around in newer houses, imagining how you would arrange things.  We saw one we liked, but probably can’t afford.  Typical.

My wife and I watched Wall-E for the first time.  What a great story, with a ton of heart.  I can’t believe it got made in today’s hollywood.  I loved it.

Thanks everybody for the comments on my contest entry.  That means a lot.  I’m really happy with my entry.  I can’t wait to see how it does in the voting!