A Writing Wish

So writing on the novel is going well, albiet slow.  I’ve got around 50,000 words written in draft 1 and have about two more chapters to write.  I’m so close to the end, but something is holding me back.  I guess it could be said I’m holding me back.

I guess more than anything, I wish I could tell what I have written is any good.  I know I shouldn’t worry about that right now, but still.  That is a major question in the back of my noggin.

I wish there was someplace I could send my story.  A place where they would read the whole thing and then say, “This is pretty good.  You should keep at it.” or “This isn’t very good.  You should write something else.”  Wouldn’t that be nice?   To know what you were working on is good or not.  I totally lack the ability to judge this in my own writing.  I would totally pay for such a service.

Anyhow.  Things are good on the home front.  My daughter has been running around the house pretending to ice skate.  Then she jumps on the couch and says, “Here comes the zamboni!”  That’s when I get up and pretend to be the zamboni.  It’s fun.  I’m just proud she knows at 2 1/2 years old what a zamboni is.

She’s also told me she wants to stay 2 1/2 years old.  Wouldn’t that be nice 🙂