A Frigid Morning

So, the old alarm clock rang at 5:30 AM Saturday morning, telling me it was time to go to my hockey game.  I fumbled in the dark for a few seconds, and finally found the off switch.  Then, like I do ever day, I counted down from 10 to 0.

This is what I do every morning. I count down from 10 in my head, with the asumption being when I get to 0 I’m supposed to get out of bed.  Of course, I usually wind up counting to 100, but at least the counting keeps me from falling asleep.

Once I got out of bed I got my stuff together (found some pants and put on a ball cap) and went downstairs.  The outside thermometer said -1 degrees.  That’s -1 for real, not -1 with “wind chill”.  It was nuts.  It took my car most of the drive to the ice rink for the heat to truly warm the car.  It was that cold.

It wasn’t much better at the game, although the locker rooms were warmer than I expected.  They must’ve felt bad for us. The weird thing was how cold it was on the ice.  I know that sounds funny, but usually we are skating around so much we don’t feel cold on the ice.  Today was different.  It made it hard to catch my breath.

It did eventually warm up a bit.  It got up to around 15 degrees.  That felt absolutely balmy.  I was ready to go outside in some shorts.

I know it’s not that interesting to read about the weather, but I had to get this down, if only to look back at this years from now and know that yes, it was once that cold. Brr!