It’s A New Day

Well, it’s a new day. Tuesday to be specific. It’s also the day the long eight year nightmare is finally over. Whew. We made it. Just barely, but we made it.

Today is more than the end of Bush’s reign. It’s the beginning of Obama’s. Today, Barack loses a word in his title, but that’s a good thing. He goes from President-elect to just President. I’m sure Obama will not be perfect and isn’t going to be able to fix things with a snap of the fingers. However, it is reassuring that we have somebody there that will at least trust brains and actually listen to scientists. How elitist of him.

I remember voting for Obama in the primaries, walking with my daughter to the designated polling place. I think she enjoyed it, just because we got to go for a walk.

Then there was the debates. I sat through them all, usually with my stomach in knots. I wasn’t worried so much about Obama doing bad, as I was worried about some minor thing the other side would be able to spin. Alas, it all worked out.

Then, in the Fall we went to a local farm to pick out a pumpkin. To our surprise, traffic was backed up and we later found out Sarah Palin had stopped at the same place on her way to Philadelphia (we did pass the Straight Talk Express bus).

Finally, there was election day. My daughter accompanied me again to the polling place, although we drove this time rather than walk. It was too cold. I’ll never forget the moment when I was signing in to vote when my daughter yelled for everyone to hear, “My Daddy is voting for Obama!” I remember how happy and relieved I was when CNN announced Obama had won Pennsylvania and then Ohio. That’s when I knew it was going to be a good night.

So there we are. About to welcome a new President. Let’s hope the next four years are an improvement over the last eight.

7 thoughts on “It’s A New Day

  1. I hope so.
    As an independent married to a conservative. I don’t feel your degree of passion about it. But I know what an incredible day this is for the history of the african american people, thus for all american people, and I see the beauty and joy in that ( I did think this day would eventually come though, it doesn’t surprise me.)
    I wonder if I will come to understand better the verve so many feel at this point, those who believe so strongly in this individual man, in this time, as a moment of collective change and hope. A brand new day, filled with wonderful possibilities, I’m not feeling that today any more than I do on any other..but I intend to view this day through the eyes and hearts of those that do.
    And I guess if so many people see it as so, it can indeed become so.
    I just hope all those people in DC stay warm and safe, and have the remarkable and touching day they are envisioning.

  2. Struggling writer, great post. I drafted a million versions of what you posted, but everytime I went to write it, the words went on too long in no direction. I really appreciate your scenes spanning the endless election season…one thing that sticks out in my mind from election day is seeing a mother with her six year old son proclaiming with joy as she stood at the machine that it was the first time she ever voted…Now it’s possible that she was fourteen when she had the kid, but that wasn’t the sense I got. I thought it was clear that she meant this was the first time she was compelled to vote…that is really something. Thanks for posting what I didn’t.

  3. As I would always say during the election when heated debates got a bit too heated: “hey, anything’s gotta be better than what we got”. Now it’s nice to be able to say “what we had”. Funny thing is that everyone always agreed with me on that, which gave the factions some common ground. =P

    Here’s to the future.

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