Big Sister School

Yesterday morning I skipped my hockey game to go to the local hospital for “Sibling Preparedness Class” for my daughter. I’m really glad I did.

First of all, it was interesting to go into the hospital and up to Labor and Delivery. In fact, I got a little emotional going up there. In a month or so, we’ll be going up there again and when we come home we will be a family of four instead of three.

The class itself was very good. My daughter got to hold a baby doll (something she isn’t usually into) and give it a bath, dress it, put on a diaper, etc. She liked the baby so much, after the class we went and bought her one for home. Anything to get her into the whole new baby thing is a plus for us.

Saturday afternoon, I went to this massive antique store in town. It was once an old movie theater and now houses floors and floors of antiques. I have my eye on a really cool old black Royal typewriter that they had for sale for only $20. I don’t even know if it works. If I still had a dedicated writing room and desk I would totally buy the thing. As it is, we have nowhere to put it. *sigh*

Anyhow, that’s been my weekend. We also had a lovely time celebrating my wife’s birthday. I’m not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Big Sister School

  1. Sibling preparedness school – wow… If only we had taken up similar classes with my son…
    If only there were classes like this around here…

    Happy B-day, to your wife!!

  2. I just got flashbacks to when my sister was born. I had a baby doll and everything as well. Apparantly, I also used to feed my mom my plastic pretend Kitchen Food to “make her better” during her nine months of morning sickness.

  3. such school is surely a great idea.. thats not easy to suddenly become not the only child in the family. My little niece still cant get used to having a younger sister.

  4. Isn’t it wild being in Labor and Delivery and walking past the nursery when you’re just weeks away from having your own baby?

    I remember that feeling so well. I really think it’s one I’ll never forget. So much anticipation and excitement.

    I’m so glad your daughter is getting excited about her new sibling. I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but we found it helpful to give our older daughter(s) a small present at the hospital when they first came to see their new sister.

    The first time it was a board book from the dollar store, a balloon and a bag of fruit snacks.

    The second time it was pom poms from the dollar store, fruit snacks and a bag of M&Ms. The older two still remember what their younger sister gave them and they were 5 and 3 at the time.

    We also have pictures to remind them. Ugh, this is getting long.

    Enjoy and good luck!

  5. Rob – My Mom had an electric typewriter. It wasn’t as cool as the ones I saw though.

    SzélsőFa – It was a pretty neat class.

    Lauren – we did have a good weekend. It went too fast though.

    The Blonde Duck – 9 months of morning sickness? Your mom is a saint!

    Lena – I hope the class helps.

    cardiogirl – I love long comments, so don’t apologize! I may have to do the present thing. We were going to pick something out at the gift shop for the new baby, so I could have my daughter pick something for herself too.

  6. Wah, that is so totally cute! I can just imagine the children looking after the little dolls – so sweet! Is your little girl taking very good care of her new baby?!

    My parents also gave me a present after my brother was born and told me it was from him. I was two and 3 months. We lived in Africa then and couldn’t really get toys but I remember the present so clearly – it was a set of animal finger puppets with carved wooden heads and bodies made of African cloth. I wish I had kept them! My mum and dad kept mentioning my brother’s name and I thought: “I don’t know who this person is but if he gave me these finger puppets he must be OK!”

    Kiko keeps pestering us for a dog yet when we mention the possibility of him having a brother or sister (not really a huge possibility, mind you) he glares!

  7. Helen – my daughter is trying to take care of her baby. I think we’ll still have to watch her with the “real” baby once he arrives, though. 🙂

    That present your parents gave you sounds very cool.

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