Since When Are the Funnies Educational?


It’s probably not a surprise to anyone who has read this blog for a long time, but I like to read the Funny Pages in the newspaper. I’ve always liked the comics section. I used to cut out individual comics I liked the most and assemble little comic books on construction paper to read to my sister on Christmas Eve night.

Anyhow, did you see Sunday’s Foxtrotcomic? I love Foxtrot. As always, this week’s was a good one. I’ve posted it above. I hope I can do that. If not, please come visit me in Internet Prison.

The only bad thing was that this week’s comic made me think. Who wants that on a Sunday morning? The worst part was it involved Algebra. Not because I hate Algebra. I love Algebra. However, I had one of those I should know how to solve this problem, but I don’t know how moments. Very depressing. I have a Minor in Mathematics, for goodness sake. I should be able to solve a little Algebra problem in a comic strip. I guess if you don’t use it you lose it.

So I went to the Internet for a refresher. Why? Because I had to. I’m so in trouble once it’s time to help my daughter with her homework. *ugh*

2 thoughts on “Since When Are the Funnies Educational?

  1. I have really good news for you, my friend…

    Those people who read the funnies are said to LIVE LONGER!!!

    : )



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