Did I already Say That?

Well, I’m home today with my wife and daughter. My wife has a sore throat and neither of us got much sleep last night. So, sick day for me. I may do the usual Monday rounds they normally do. Possible, I’ll be taking my daughter to the toddler gymnastics. That should be fun/insane.

On to today’s post. I’m on a few of these internety sites. I’m here blogging, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Some of you read me in all three places and are probably on all these sites too. Do you ever find yourself repeating yourself or is it just me?

I mean, how many different places do you find yourself saying, “I hate Mondays”? Facebook profile status, blog post, and Twitter. I’m sure it’s even worse for the reader.

I guess, I’m just trying to say sorry for the repetition. I’ll try not to repeat myself too many times, unless that day comes when I get a book published. Then I’ll probably scream it from the mountain tops (which will be many times because we have a lot of mountains here).

Oh, one more thing. I hate Mondays.