A Day at the Gym(nastics)

Nittany Gymnastics

As I said yesterday, I spent the day home with my wife and daughter, partly because we were all tired, and partly because I knew my wife needed some rest. I’m so glad I did, because it was one of my best days ever.

It started at breakfast, when my wife asked me if I wanted to take our daughter to gymnastics. My first reaction was one of panic. I had never been there with my daughter and knew it would most likely be chaotic. Picture fifty or so toddlers running around, arms held over their heads, bumping into each other. Now add gymnastics equipment to the mix. Plus, I was exhausted, having only gotten a few hours sleep myself the night before. At the top of this post is a picture of the gym floor.

I think my answer was, “Let’s see how I’m feeling.” However, the look on my daughter’s face told me I was definitely going.

The more we talked about it, the more I was looking forward to going. It helped my daughter and wife were adding incentives for me. “We could go to Barnes and Noble after,” said my daughter. I was sold.

The funny part was that my wife called a few of her mom friends to let them know I was coming and to help me figure things out. Or as I said, to baby-sit me.

There really wasn’t much to worry about, really. It only lasted 45 minutes. There were roughly fifty or sixty kids there. None were running around screaming with their hands above their heads. I was one of two daddies there. That meant we didn’t have to stand in line to use the potty after gymnastics was over.

We also had a good time at Barnes and Noble. My daughter got to play with their “train table” and I got a much needed jolt of coffee. Good times.

After lunch home with Mommy, my daughter and I headed to the toy store. We have a great locally owned toy store called Pure Imagination in our town. I told my daughter she could pick out some “pretend food” she had wanted for a while for her Valentine’s Day gift from us. After 45 minutes of play, her and I of course, she chose the set below.


When we were done with the toy store, it was nearly dinner time and we headed home. It was a great end to a great day. I don’t often get Daddy/Daughter time, so it was extra special. *Sigh*