Poe Valentine

poestampUS Postal Service

Today is a jumble, so this one’s gonna be short and possibly sweet.  First of all, my wife tasked me yesterday with picking up some stamps for our valentine’s.  A normal person’s brain would’ve interpreted this information, went to the post office, and bought normal stamps.  My brain, on the other hand, told me I had wanted to pick up those cool Edgar Allen Poe stamps, and this was a good chance to do that.

So, our Valentines are going to have Poe’s lovely mug on them.  Amazingly,  I didn’t get in trouble for this screw-up.  You can see what the stamps look like in the picture above.  Maybe I’ll draw little hearts coming from his head or something.

My wife has been reading my novel-in-progress.  In fact, she made it to page 54 all in one night.  That’s pretty amazing, as it’s single spaced.  I don’t think I could read as much of that un-polished novel in one night.  She even had a dream about it.  I consider this a good sign.  The only downside is she’s gonna want me to finish the story.

Not much else is new.  Vesper gave me a couple awards the other day.  I’m very grateful for that.

I still don’t know what I’m getting my wife for Valentine’s Day.  I’ll try not to get her anything Poe related, that’s for sure. 🙂