Poe Valentine

poestampUS Postal Service

Today is a jumble, so this one’s gonna be short and possibly sweet.  First of all, my wife tasked me yesterday with picking up some stamps for our valentine’s.  A normal person’s brain would’ve interpreted this information, went to the post office, and bought normal stamps.  My brain, on the other hand, told me I had wanted to pick up those cool Edgar Allen Poe stamps, and this was a good chance to do that.

So, our Valentines are going to have Poe’s lovely mug on them.  Amazingly,  I didn’t get in trouble for this screw-up.  You can see what the stamps look like in the picture above.  Maybe I’ll draw little hearts coming from his head or something.

My wife has been reading my novel-in-progress.  In fact, she made it to page 54 all in one night.  That’s pretty amazing, as it’s single spaced.  I don’t think I could read as much of that un-polished novel in one night.  She even had a dream about it.  I consider this a good sign.  The only downside is she’s gonna want me to finish the story.

Not much else is new.  Vesper gave me a couple awards the other day.  I’m very grateful for that.

I still don’t know what I’m getting my wife for Valentine’s Day.  I’ll try not to get her anything Poe related, that’s for sure. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Poe Valentine

  1. That is of course an upside, her making you finish it.

    I keep thinking I should have some sort of Valentines plan. Last night my husband told me he has off this weekend, so he will actually be home for it. I had not anticipated this..it means we could actually do something. My son, when I asked, “What would you like to do special for Valentines?” responded with, “make really really hot chicken wings, so our faces turn red and burn, and we feel kind of sweaty, just like you do when that person you have a crush on, just happens to sit down next to you, then looks directly at you.” I was totally shocked when he said this, but really amused.

  2. Well, at least they are unique. Sometimes those cutesy stamps get old. Also, if you have any left over you won’t feel weird using them on normal mail. It’s really actually fiscally responsible.

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