I Got Stuff Done

Got some stuff done this weekend. Not any writing, but it still felt good.

First of all, I fixed my vacuum cleaner. It was running and all, but not picking anything up. I cleaned all the filters and still nothing. So, went to the internet and found out the hose can clog. I took me a good half hour to clean out that bad boy. Now it works. Happy Valentine’s Day honey!

I also filed my taxes yesterday. This is the earliest I’ve ever done them, but I need the money. We use our nice sized tax return throughout the year on the usual house or car repairs that crop up unexpected. My check from Uncle Sam will be in my account before the end of the month. The best thing is that I was able to go to State Farm’s website and through them use Turbo Tax online for free. Commence Operation “Convince Wife we need to spend tax return on Nintendo Wii”.

My wife got me exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day: a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Now, I’ll have to decide what I want to get. She also made a cute heart-shaped booklet of pictures of our family. Very cool.

Well, my son is due to be born in eight days. I expect it will be before then. My life will be changing in a significant way very soon. I’m nervous and hopeful. I can’t wait to meet the little guy.