The Sick Bay


My entire house should be quarantined. I’m sure of it.

I have a wife, due to have our baby next Tuesday(!), with a bad head-cold she has had for over a week now. She has been sleeping poorly and has gone through at least three boxes of tissues. She’s had a real rough time of it.

Then there’s my daughter. She woke up yesterday morning with a fever. We’ve been loading her up with Tylenol and fluids. Poor little lady. She’s still been a sweet as ever. In fact, she’s lost a bit of her argumentative spunk. She woke up at 5:00 AM this morning with a fever again. She was laying next to me in the bed and her forehead was so hot it kept me awake!

Then there’s me. I’ve been able to avoid the sickness thus far. This morning, though, I’m feeling a bit of a cough at the back of my throat. It’s just a matter of time for me. I think it’s waiting until the baby arrives to really strike me. As if having a newborn in the house isn’t hard enough.

Now to the photo you see at the top of this post. A significant portion of my journey to work is on the highway. This highway is bordered, in parts, by land owned by the state prison. A good chunk of it is farmland. As I was driving along, I noticed a red-tailed hawk (similar to the one above) perched majestically on a metal fence. It sat there, head raised proudly, as though it were supervising all of us ants as we made our way to our big mound of dirt. It was a pretty great sight.