On The Mend

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes. We are doing all right. I’m still dodging the bullet and not sick at all. My daughter has a froggy voice right now, but doesn’t have the fever anymore. My wife is still feeling the same, which isn’t great. She hasn’t slept well in a couple weeks and was up at 4:00 this morning again, sending nice email messages to me. 🙂

My wife had a doctor’s appointment today and they told her there was no progress. That means most likely she will go beyond her due date of next Tuesday. I feel so bad for her. She is so ready to be done with this. I suppose I am too. It will be nice to finally hold the little guy and scold him for kicking his Mom for nine months. 🙂

Not much else is new. My wife has read 100 pages of my “novel”. She’s almost finished with what I’ve written. I suppose that means I should write an ending.