The Race to Get Better

Well, if I had to comment on it, I’d say my daughter and I are doing a bit worse than Friday. It really stinks. Right now it’s a race for me to get better before the baby is born. That’s difficult enough when you are healthy, let alone when you feel sick. Ugh. My wife was very nice last night and sent me to bed early, so I can rest up for the big day. She’s the one who should be resting.

Friday night we had an appointment with my daughter’s pediatrician right around 5:00 aka closing time. That place looked like a WWII infirmary. Bodies were strewn everywhere. Obviously people were getting checked out Friday to avoid having to go to the ER on the weekend, and the accompanying $50 charge. When the place cleared out and we were the last ones there, I swear I saw the receptionists exchange a high five.

Saturday was a bit better although I felt worse. My wife had a hair appointment and my daughter and I spent time together. I played Paper Mario for the Gamecube and my daughter cheered me on. She just liked watching Mario run around. After that we watched the Penguins play the Flyers in hockey. I obviously was cheering for the Penguins, but my daughter was cheering secretly for the Flyers because of their orange jerseys.

Hopefully today will be another lap closer to feeling better.

5 thoughts on “The Race to Get Better

  1. Sounds like a bad stretch over there. I’m a firm believer in taking massive doses of Vitamin C — I put back about 3000 mg a day and manage to avoid colds for the most part.

  2. You’re going through such a yucky time right now! I hope you feel much better soon. I’d agree with the vitamin C, and also zinc, I find that works even better.

    Does your daughter like orange? Kikzy would very much approve of that. He loves orange (and also pink, heh!)

  3. Good advice Cavan. Thanks for that.

    Yankee Girl – 🙂

    Helen – we’ll be ok. you are the tough one. you go through this with kiko on a monthly basis. My daughter’s favorite is pink, but I guess she likes orange too.

    Thanks Jenn! How did the presentation go?

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