Hello From 3:00 AM

Hey there. It’s 3:00 AM. Yep, I’m awake. I was sleeping well until the daughter woke up. Then my coughing started. Ugh.

Yeah, these I’m sick posts are getting old. Sorry. To make up for it, here’s the waning moments of the US/Russia 1980 Winter Olympics game, the “Miracle on Ice” (at least that’s what they call it in the United States, I’m sure they have a different name for it in Russia 🙂 ):

As a side note, Herb Brooks, the coach of the US hockey team, coached the Penguins for a year in 1999-2000.

4 thoughts on “Hello From 3:00 AM

  1. Me too, Paul. I really hope you guys get better soon. Load up on C, peppermint, raw onions and garlic, and ginger, and here’s a little something I picked up at the clinic: before bed, wet a pair of sport socks with cold water. Put them on. It’s unpleasant, but trust me. Then pull a pair of wool socks over them. in a few seconds you won’t even feel the wet socks. Go to bed and sleep. While you’re doing that, the wet socks will leech out the toxins through your feet. I know. It sounds hokey, but it actually works.

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