I Will Survive?

Well, after a pretty good first day home, we had quite a sleepless night last night. Shoulda known it wouldn’t be easy. We’ve done this once, after all. Still, we feel exhausted today. Also, the laundry has grown exponentially!

My daughter has adjusted well, for her part. She’s even gone down for sleep early twice already, which has helped a bit.

I know things will be better once we get in our rhythm. I just hope we find it soon!

5 thoughts on “I Will Survive?

  1. Ah the laundry! The night we got Kiko home from hospital, I was up changing his outfit and sheets four times during the night. I couldn’t believe it! I hope you’re all doing well, you never know, he might be a baby who sleeps through the night from 6 weeks. I’ve heard they exist! (At least according to Grandmothers they do!)

    • Thanks Diane. I almost feel better. Sleep would be nice though.

      Helen – yeah, the laundry is piling up. We’re lucky our daughter is transitioning so well. She’s been using the potty like a champ.

  2. Geez, I take a few months off (ahem..more than a few) from blogging and when I come back you’ve got a baby! It’s wonderful. Welcome to him, and welcome to you and your wife, to the crazy world of parents-of-two. Soon you’ll scoff at single child parents: “You just have one? Ha! That is noth-ing! Two is more than twice as many!” and similar such comments. Your daughter may completely forget all her skills. Don’t be alarmed. Our daughter did this (notably, sleeping) and you just have to reach deep down into that well of patience and gently retrain her. Also, make a little sticker chart for all her well-done stuff. They just eat that sticker chart stuff up. Keep well.

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