A Double Standard

I was browsing the police log in the newspaper yesterday morning. It was more eventful as the students were celebrating a made-up drinking holiday called “State Patty’s Day” (State for Penn State). One of the more “colorful” incidents of the weekend involved a young man who was arrested for peeing on the front door of a local pub (at 6:30 PM no less).

I bring this up for reason of comparison. Last night my week old son peed on our wall, not once, but twice in the middle of the night and he wasn’t inebriated at all. I really doubt the police are going to do anything about that. That’s a total double standard if you ask me.

Our first trip into the world went very well yesterday. We all had fun at gymnastics and even had some time to pick up some food at a drive through. Now if we could just keep our walls clean…