Weekend Plans

Well, the movie The Watchmen comes out this weekend. It seems to be getting positive reviews from fans of the Watchmen graphic novel. That’s usually a good sign. I finally read The Watchmen this past Fall, and enjoyed it. It was well written, although dark.

I will not be watching it in the theater this weekend, or likely any weekend. For one, it’s not a movie my wife would particularly enjoy. As I said, the story is very dark. Secondly, of course, is we have a week and a half old baby in the house.

It’s funny, people don’t really ask me anymore what my plans are for the weekend. It’s pretty much self-explanatory. Not a whole lot we can do right now, with such a small little guy in the house. That’s OK, though, because we still find ways to have fun here. It will be even better once the weather turns warm. My daughter is already itching to play tag outside.

In conclusion: Watchmen – no, Plans – no, Fun – Most definitely.