Journaling Again

I only kept a diary/journal once in my life, and that was in the months leading up to my daughter’s birth in 2006. I don’t even know why I started it. I guess I wanted to capture my feelings leading up to being a Dad.

Well, I started a new journal Friday night. I’m not sure why I did. I guess I just wanted to capture my feelings being a Dad again. Also, I had a unopened Moleskine journal lying around, waiting to be written in.

I was blogging a bit in 2006 when I first started the journal. I was a rookie back then, and I found the whole thing quite difficult. It seems a bit easier now, blogging and writing in the journal. Maybe I’ve grown a bit too. Or maybe I’m just looking for that writing spark I’ve seemed to have lost the past month or so. Yeah, it’s probably the latter.

Anyhow, how many of you writers out there keep a journal of the pen and paper variety? Does it help your writing?


6 thoughts on “Journaling Again

  1. I’ve kept a journal since I was 13, so – wow, 25 years! OMG I AM OLD. Anyway. I use journaling for non-writing stuff – recording and analyzing dreams, working out issues, etc.

  2. I keep a journal off an on. Right now it’s on and I used to think it was a bunch of useless ramblings. After rereading it, I found an idea for a new piece I am working on. Sometimes they are useful for my writing, but most of the time they just help my sanity.

  3. I used to write a journal for years. Then, one day, I read over some of them and they were so identical I realised I could keep one and label it any year I wanted and it would probably be close to the mark. How boring!

    These days, I’ve falling out of hand writing much of anything. It’s slow and messy. I like neat and tidy. 🙂

  4. I TRY to write in journals, but never can manage to make it a habit. But I always keep little notebooks around the house and in my car and purse for random thoughts . . . to-do lists, shopping lists, novel & character notes . . . whatever I need to get out of my head (it’s pretty crowded in there sometimes) but not forget. But it’s very random and never in full sentences like a traditional journal.

    Oh, and I think Mr. T is awesome!

  5. Well, I believe that the more you write, the more you find that you have something to say. You just have to have faith that one’s thoughts are worthy enough to be documented. I think you have that covered.

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