Two Week Mark

2 weeks old
Well, my son turns two weeks old today. We’re finally adjusting to having him in the house. The daughter has been pretty good with him, and he has been sleeping as well as can be expected so far. We’re hitting a groove I think. That all goes out the window, of course, once I go back to work on Wednesday. Then it’s gonna be loneliness for me and exhaustion for my wife.

We had a two week appointment for the big guy today. It turns out he has grown a lot in the past seven days. Nearly a pound in fact! Plus, he’s grown an inch. In a week! All that eating he does apparently is not for naught!

My wife and I like to give the kids funny nicknames, especially when they are newborns and can’t argue about it. My son’s name starts with a T so I’m trying to call him Mr. T. My wife isn’t very amused by that. Maybe I’ll try B.A. (Mr. T’s nickname in the A Team). He he.

Maybe I’ll call him gnomey. I think he looks like a garden gnome in this picture.