Back To Work


So, I went back to work today. It was very difficult for many reasons. I have definitely left a good chunk of my heart at home today.

The way we have been working things with the new baby has been my wife has been mostly taking care of the newborn (feeding, etc.) and I have been taking care of our 2 1/2 year old daughter. I have bonded very closely with my daughter in the past two weeks. It feels weird not having her here right now.

I had been telling my daughter for a couple days that I would be going back to work and that I would be sad and miss her. She kept telling me I would be OK and that I could take one of her toys to work with me. So, today Lego Tigger came to work with me. He’s was well behaved, but kept calling me “Buddy Boy” and bouncing around like tiggers do best. I’ve included a picture of tigger at the top of this post.

I also miss my wife and son a lot. Also, I have no idea how my wife is going to manage taking care of the baby and our daughter, but I know she will. She is a very strong mother.

The sleep has been less than stellar the past two days as well. It’s like I’m in college, it’s the night before Finals, and while I’m trying to sleep my roommate keeps playing electronic darts. Except my son poops a little bit more.

2 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Your daughter is so cute. It looks like Tigger is doing a good job of keeping you company at work.

    That is so cool you’ve got Neuschwanstein as your computer wallpaper!!!!!!! The ms I’m writing right now features Neuschwanstein.

    Sleep has been less than stellar for us recently too, although Kiko has no excuse whatsoever since he is three years old not three weeks and there’s only one of him!! I am getting that electronic-darts feeling too, bleurgh, he’s going back to Sleep Boot Camp tonight whether he likes it or not. (He’s also just sneaked back to bed and gone to sleep the villain, after keeping us up all night! Grrrrrr!)

    • That’s amazing you recognized Neuschwanstein from the picture Helen. I found that picture a couple weeks ago on wikimedia commons I believe.

      I love castles and wish to live in one with central plumbing and heating some day! 🙂

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