A Book Cover Idea

So, I got bored the other day. Rather than using my free time productively doing something like writing, I decided to go into photoshop and create a cover for the book I should have been writing. I know if it ever gets published I more than likely won’t have any input into what the cover will look like. Still, if I did, here’s what it would look like. Note that I have decided on a different title than the one in the picture below.


I created this cover by merging to photos in Photoshop. One with the eerie sky, and one with the bus. I still want to do something fancier with the text, but I haven’t figure out what yet. Anyhow, this was fun to do, if not productive.

Oh, I won something really cool the other day. I’ll tell you about that on Monday.

9 thoughts on “A Book Cover Idea

  1. That is really cool! I like the retro turquoise color of the bus. Compelling and I bet it would cause a potential reader to at least pick it up to read the synopsis.

    You’ll have a synopsis on the back right? I hate paperback books that don’t offer an idea of the storyline. I usually read the inside jacket on hard backs to see if it’s worthy.

    But paperbacks usually smite me. So I smite them right back.

  2. Like Cardiogirl, said, I would, too, pick up the book to check it out.
    You’ve been acting creatively and that *is* production. You don’t need to feel like you did nothing…
    I bet this cover does help you going along with the writing as well.

  3. I love it! It’s a great cover, Paul!! The images are perfect. 🙂

    (I would change the fonts and writing effects and also take out the “by” to contemporize it, but otherwise, very attractive!)

  4. PS. I think that was still productive, even though you weren’t writing. Anything you can do to make it very real for you is fruitful, even if you don’t know it consciously.

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