Newborn Care – You Need a Finishing Move

I’ve learned some stuff with Child Number Two, that I didn’t know with Child Number One. For example, I learned about the importance of a “Finishing Move”.

Some of you know what I mean, and some of you are looking at me like I have a booger on my face. I assure you I do not. In Pro Wrestling, all the greats had a signature “Finishing Move”, the thing they did to put the opponent to rest. The Undertaker had the Tombstone. The Rock had the People’s Elbow. Shawn Michaels had the Sweet Chin Music.

Now, I not saying I give my newborn son a pile-driver or kick him in the chin. However, I do have a special way of holding him that seems to put him into a deeper sleep and allows me to place him in the crib without him waking up. Those of you who are parents know this is the key to getting sleep in the newborn months.

The Finishing Move isn’t very complex. I simply hold him facing me, with his little head on my chest. As long as he’s eaten, this will put him asleep right away. Discovering this has been a life saver.

I wish I could say this will work for everyone, but it won’t. Each baby is different. In fact, there will probably come a time when my Finishing Move will stop working and I’ll have to retire it. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my sleep.