Don’t Get Cocky

Remember that post yesterday, in which I bragged about all the sleep I’m getting with my newborn. Well, I violated Rule #2. I got cocky.

Yeah, we were up a bit last night. In fact, not only did the newborn wake up, but the 2 1/2 year old did too. It was rough. I probably managed three or four hours sleep for the night. Ugh.

Anyhow, they had a cool contest yesterday over at Book Roast in which you could pitch your book and editors would pick their favorites. Well, I entered, only I tried to get a little clever with mine. I would say I failed. Oh well, I still had fun writing it. The “theme” was supposed to be luck and entries were supposed to be limited to 75 words. Here’s mine:

Luck you say? Niko Calender had some luck. Wouldn’t have been picked for his school’s honors project without it. Got to time travel, he did.

Not all of it was good, mind you. Had to travel through with his nemesis Cody.

Got a bit of a mess in pre-historic times. Time machine ran out of gas. Teacher got arrested because of a sneeze. That’s the thing about luck. Sometimes you gotta make your own.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Get Cocky

  1. Just reading your info about newborns has taken me right back there via time machine. It’s one thing to read about it with no prior experience and quite another to know you’ve walked the walk.

    Sending you and your entire family some positive and much needed sleep vibes.

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