A New Car

Read the title of this post in your best Bob Barker voice, as it was meant to be read.. Also, make sure nobody is around. You don’t want anybody to think you have the crazies, after all.

Anyhow, I’m in the market for a new car. New to me anyhow. I’m in the market for a different car, OK? That better?

Also, I just want to say that I know a car is the worst thing in the world to spend money on. The moment you drive off the lot, the value drops. By the time you own the stupid thing (usually four or five years after purchase), it’s worth $.50. I know this.

Still, I need to part with my beloved Honda Element. There’s nothing wrong with it, really. It runs great, goes great in the snow, and all that stuff. Still, it has a tendency to rebel against my wife whenever she tries to get the kids in/out of the car. See, we live on a hill and the door has a tendency to swing closed randomly and crush my poor wife. It has happened enough that it’s time for a change.

I have my eyes set on a couple cars. One is the Honda Insight hybrid. Pretty cool car, but it just launched this week. Not gonna find a use one.

The other is a Prius, and I’ve found a used one close to my house. I think I can get it without my monthly payments increasing very much. That’s the key, of course. It all comes down to money.

So, maybe I’ll have a new car soon, one that won’t randomly attack my family. We shall see.