Raisin the Roof

Home from work today sick. It feels like the same sickness I had a month ago, right when the baby was born. I guess the universe thought I had too much energy and wanted to take my last remaining bit. Also sick are my wife, my daughter, and the baby. Fun!

Bunch of stuff in the works, though. I’m still trying my luck with the web comic, though I’ve hit a bit of a block with that. You can read Knuckleball here.

I also have a small writing contest I’m gonna enter this week. It’s only 500-600 words, so that shouldn’t take long.

I showed the novel to the family yesterday. They all enjoyed it. I was particularly please my Grandfather read it and like it. Very cool.

Finally, we’re getting a new roof put on the house. The old one is very old, and a little leaky. Not to mention it’s about to blow away in the next stiff wind. The best news, though, is our friend who is a contractor is doing the roof for us and is giving us an amazing deal. We are very lucky indeed.