Don’t Get Cocky

Remember that post yesterday, in which I bragged about all the sleep I’m getting with my newborn. Well, I violated Rule #2. I got cocky.

Yeah, we were up a bit last night. In fact, not only did the newborn wake up, but the 2 1/2 year old did too. It was rough. I probably managed three or four hours sleep for the night. Ugh.

Anyhow, they had a cool contest yesterday over at Book Roast in which you could pitch your book and editors would pick their favorites. Well, I entered, only I tried to get a little clever with mine. I would say I failed. Oh well, I still had fun writing it. The “theme” was supposed to be luck and entries were supposed to be limited to 75 words. Here’s mine:

Luck you say? Niko Calender had some luck. Wouldn’t have been picked for his school’s honors project without it. Got to time travel, he did.

Not all of it was good, mind you. Had to travel through with his nemesis Cody.

Got a bit of a mess in pre-historic times. Time machine ran out of gas. Teacher got arrested because of a sneeze. That’s the thing about luck. Sometimes you gotta make your own.

Newborn Care – You Need a Finishing Move

I’ve learned some stuff with Child Number Two, that I didn’t know with Child Number One. For example, I learned about the importance of a “Finishing Move”.

Some of you know what I mean, and some of you are looking at me like I have a booger on my face. I assure you I do not. In Pro Wrestling, all the greats had a signature “Finishing Move”, the thing they did to put the opponent to rest. The Undertaker had the Tombstone. The Rock had the People’s Elbow. Shawn Michaels had the Sweet Chin Music.

Now, I not saying I give my newborn son a pile-driver or kick him in the chin. However, I do have a special way of holding him that seems to put him into a deeper sleep and allows me to place him in the crib without him waking up. Those of you who are parents know this is the key to getting sleep in the newborn months.

The Finishing Move isn’t very complex. I simply hold him facing me, with his little head on my chest. As long as he’s eaten, this will put him asleep right away. Discovering this has been a life saver.

I wish I could say this will work for everyone, but it won’t. Each baby is different. In fact, there will probably come a time when my Finishing Move will stop working and I’ll have to retire it. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my sleep.

I Won Coraline Nike Dunks and a Question

So, a few weeks ago my wife and I went to see the movie Coraline on opening weekend. We both enjoyed the book and I knew we would like the movie as well. Plus it gave us a rare afternoon to ourselves before baby #2 was born.

Anyhow, the movie was great but I also knew that I had to stay to the end of the credits because they were going to give out some secret code for a chance to win the special Nike shoes that are pictured at the top of this post. My loving wife, bless her heart, even agreed to stay to the end with me. Sure enough, at the very end the code “Jerk Wad” was flashed on the screen. I suppose we could’ve just looked up the code on the Internet when we got home, but I wanted to “earn it”.

Anyhow, we got home and I jumped on the Internet to enter the contest. It was a little bit of a challenge, but eventually I found on the website where to enter (it was hidden in a shoebox in Coraline’s room on the website). My wife and my sister’s boyfriend also entered.

Fast forward to last Friday. I get an odd email with the subject “Congratulations – You have been selected as a winner in the Coraline Nike Dunks Giveaway”. I immediately thought it was some type of hoax. I figured they chose the winners a while back. Plus, I never win anything.

It turns out they did announce the winners last Friday, and the email I received was legit. I’m really stoked. First of all, only 2,000 pairs of the shoes were made and given away. Of that 2,000, only 200 or so were made in my shoe size.

Now I have to decide what I will do with the shoes. My wife thinks I should wear them. That’s mostly because the shoes I’m wearing now could best be described as “well loved”. I just don’t like spending money on myself, at least for clothes. I could also auction the shoes. They are pretty rare and would most likely fetch some good money.

Actually, I will probably just display them on a shelf as a bit of memorabilia from a book and movie I love. Maybe I’ll try them on once, just for the kick of it.

Now onto something completely off-topic, but something I’ve thought about recently:

Does the fact that nobody thus far in history has ever seen a time traveler (as far as we know) mean that time travel, to the past at least, will never be invented?

A Book Cover Idea

So, I got bored the other day. Rather than using my free time productively doing something like writing, I decided to go into photoshop and create a cover for the book I should have been writing. I know if it ever gets published I more than likely won’t have any input into what the cover will look like. Still, if I did, here’s what it would look like. Note that I have decided on a different title than the one in the picture below.


I created this cover by merging to photos in Photoshop. One with the eerie sky, and one with the bus. I still want to do something fancier with the text, but I haven’t figure out what yet. Anyhow, this was fun to do, if not productive.

Oh, I won something really cool the other day. I’ll tell you about that on Monday.

Good Traditions – Free Food

As you all know we have a new baby in the house. It’s exciting for sure, but also draining. It’s also very hard to find time to do anything, including cooking. If I had an unlimited budget, I’d probably just get take-out every night. Luckily we don’t have to.

It seems there is a pretty nice tradition (in my neck of the woods at least) of making meals for people with newborns. In the past two weeks we’ve had many friends offer to make us meals in exchange for a chance to see the baby. The first week we were too tired to see anybody but this week people have started to come over. It’s been great.

Our neighbor brought over something like three meals the other day. I’m not talking about frozed pizza. I’m talking about homemade soup, apple crisp, and stuff like that. We’re eating well now!

My parents are coming over tonight and they’re bringing over food as well. I think they’re also bringing over diapers. What else could the parents of a newborn need?

Anyhow, this is a tradition I could get behind. Of course, the key is to “pay it forward” and provide food to any of our friends who have babies. That’s what keeps a tradition going, right?

I’m just wondering if this is a tradition just around here or have any of you experienced it where you live.

Back To Work


So, I went back to work today. It was very difficult for many reasons. I have definitely left a good chunk of my heart at home today.

The way we have been working things with the new baby has been my wife has been mostly taking care of the newborn (feeding, etc.) and I have been taking care of our 2 1/2 year old daughter. I have bonded very closely with my daughter in the past two weeks. It feels weird not having her here right now.

I had been telling my daughter for a couple days that I would be going back to work and that I would be sad and miss her. She kept telling me I would be OK and that I could take one of her toys to work with me. So, today Lego Tigger came to work with me. He’s was well behaved, but kept calling me “Buddy Boy” and bouncing around like tiggers do best. I’ve included a picture of tigger at the top of this post.

I also miss my wife and son a lot. Also, I have no idea how my wife is going to manage taking care of the baby and our daughter, but I know she will. She is a very strong mother.

The sleep has been less than stellar the past two days as well. It’s like I’m in college, it’s the night before Finals, and while I’m trying to sleep my roommate keeps playing electronic darts. Except my son poops a little bit more.

Two Week Mark

2 weeks old
Well, my son turns two weeks old today. We’re finally adjusting to having him in the house. The daughter has been pretty good with him, and he has been sleeping as well as can be expected so far. We’re hitting a groove I think. That all goes out the window, of course, once I go back to work on Wednesday. Then it’s gonna be loneliness for me and exhaustion for my wife.

We had a two week appointment for the big guy today. It turns out he has grown a lot in the past seven days. Nearly a pound in fact! Plus, he’s grown an inch. In a week! All that eating he does apparently is not for naught!

My wife and I like to give the kids funny nicknames, especially when they are newborns and can’t argue about it. My son’s name starts with a T so I’m trying to call him Mr. T. My wife isn’t very amused by that. Maybe I’ll try B.A. (Mr. T’s nickname in the A Team). He he.

Maybe I’ll call him gnomey. I think he looks like a garden gnome in this picture.

Journaling Again

I only kept a diary/journal once in my life, and that was in the months leading up to my daughter’s birth in 2006. I don’t even know why I started it. I guess I wanted to capture my feelings leading up to being a Dad.

Well, I started a new journal Friday night. I’m not sure why I did. I guess I just wanted to capture my feelings being a Dad again. Also, I had a unopened Moleskine journal lying around, waiting to be written in.

I was blogging a bit in 2006 when I first started the journal. I was a rookie back then, and I found the whole thing quite difficult. It seems a bit easier now, blogging and writing in the journal. Maybe I’ve grown a bit too. Or maybe I’m just looking for that writing spark I’ve seemed to have lost the past month or so. Yeah, it’s probably the latter.

Anyhow, how many of you writers out there keep a journal of the pen and paper variety? Does it help your writing?

I Don’t Want To Spring Forward

Well, with the new baby and all, we forgot to set our clocks ahead last night. No worry, though, because somehow our daughter knew and woke us up at 5:30 AM. We were so thankful for that. Ugh.

Things are going fine, although the baby has a headcold. I feel so bad for him because there really isn’t anything to do for him. Poor little guy.

We’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures here the past couple days. 70 degrees in March is a rare thing here. I can actually feel an energy boost from it. Very nice.

Anyhow, I hope you all are doing well and that you sprung forward successfully. 🙂

Weekend Plans

Well, the movie The Watchmen comes out this weekend. It seems to be getting positive reviews from fans of the Watchmen graphic novel. That’s usually a good sign. I finally read The Watchmen this past Fall, and enjoyed it. It was well written, although dark.

I will not be watching it in the theater this weekend, or likely any weekend. For one, it’s not a movie my wife would particularly enjoy. As I said, the story is very dark. Secondly, of course, is we have a week and a half old baby in the house.

It’s funny, people don’t really ask me anymore what my plans are for the weekend. It’s pretty much self-explanatory. Not a whole lot we can do right now, with such a small little guy in the house. That’s OK, though, because we still find ways to have fun here. It will be even better once the weather turns warm. My daughter is already itching to play tag outside.

In conclusion: Watchmen – no, Plans – no, Fun – Most definitely.